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Who We Work With: Meeting Planners

Who We Work With: Meeting Planners

As a meeting planner, you know that the hotel booking process represents the first opportunity to elevate attendee satisfaction as well as generate additional revenue. At GroupHousing, we know what it takes to secure the lodging options and facilities that will generate a unique and successful event experience.

Whether a corporate event or industry convention, we help our clients with every aspect of lodging and facility planning - making sure your attendees pay the lowest hotel rate possible, while you maximize the financial benefits of large group bookings. Our services our free, but our impact on your event is measurable. Through careful hotel and facilities negotiations, GroupHousing is able to significantly increase your event revenues.

As a GroupHousing client, we can do the following for corporate, non-profit and industry event planners:
  • Provide expert knowledge of all hotels in the area and assist with facilities planning and booking
  • Secure the guaranteed lowest rate for all attendees
  • Reduce event costs and increase profitability by maximizing the benefits of group bookings, including comp rooms, rebate and other high-value hotel concessions
  • Be a single, live point of contact for all lodging questions and reservations
  • Automate and organize hotel booking process for improved organization and event management
  • Deliver up-to-the-minute lodging reports for improved event visibility
  • Provide 24/7 hotel support and attendee support
  • Create a dedicated micro-site for attendees that highlights local area attractions, sponsors, etc.
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